Fragments New Book

“Fragments” is sort of debris from my life, mind and my dreams, moments floating around in a nonlogical way not bound to any place, space or time, every image is a little shard. It is a project about the absence of time, about being everywhere at the same time. It has dark undertones and a dreamy frequency. I think most of my images are fragments of my dreams and thoughts. It’s not about how         things really happened, more the thought or feeling about it. I like the idea that instead of forcing my images into a place or a clear narrative, the non-cohesiveness becomes the common denominator. Just as in our dreamworlds things happens in an order that we have no control over and there are no limits or directions.

l’Atelier RisoGraphique n°6 : Soft-Binding – 210 x 297 mm – 36 pages Printed on Risopaper
Limited Edition of 200 copies
Book Designer : Thibault Geffroy

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